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I have served on a number of volunteer boards and organizations which have allowed me to contribute a variety of skills, from project management to teaching to writing and editing.  I've included some of the volunteer work and testimonials from many different people with whom I've worked. I've also included various notes, cards, letters and emails from students, parents and district employees that attest to my abilities.  In addition, many other recommendations can be found on my LinkedIn page, as well as written references provided upon request.

St. Cronan Chronicle


From conducting lessons to organizing and leading a class retreat, I led a small group of 7th and 8th grade students to their confirmation sacrament in the Roman Catholic church.  

Girl Scout Leader


I served in various capacities for both the Girl Scouts of America and the Boy Scouts of America - from troop leader to neighborhood consultant mentoring other adult leaders.  I have gone on to write curriculum and train adults for both of these national organizations.


Working with the first Bosnian immigrant population, I volunteered for the St. Louis Literacy Council in city programs working with both youth and adults in transitioning to assimilation to American culture. I taught the first Bosnian high school student at Affton and continued that tradition in their middle school reading program.

Panorama Senior Edition 2014


I'm especially proud of leading a staff of 150 students on an award-winning high school student-run school newspaper and yearbook.  Back issues can be seen by clicking on the picture, which will take you to the Issuu site.  My years of practice managing a fledgling staff at Affton and then advising an award-winning middle school announcement show in Rockwood paved the way for my solid foundation with future leaders at Ladue.



“Jill is a dynamic person and educator. I had the privilege of working with her at Ladue Middle School, then collaborated with her while she was at Ladue Horton Watkins High School. As a veteran educator, she openly shared her expertise and talents to help others. I am also proud to call her a friend and confidant. Her energy is contagious to the people around her while her creative ideas are never ending. She has an eye for detail and a heart to speak the truth.”


Joe Kleine

IT/PLTW Educator at St. Joseph School District


Classroom Experience


“Jill is a tremendously gifted, resourceful teacher. She understands a wide range of issues pertaining to gifted children and can easily apply strategies to adapt to any student or situation. Her strengths are in her ability to use technology in her classroom and to multitask. She has a tremendous amount of experience and is formidable asset to our school.”


Kathleen Mercury

Ladue School District

Middle School Gifted Teacher

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