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Please follow the steps to the right (or below on a mobile site):

Register as my student:

First, please register as my student using Ayotree.  Please include all personal information. Please make sure to add the lesson package you are interested in under the comment section.  You can also request certain curriculum or skills to be taught in those comments as well.

Then, I will confirm your registration, and you will be sent a portal login.You can set your own username and password that you use to login here (and below). Ayotree should send you an email confirming that, but if you don't receive confirmation, please let me know.


Ayotree handles all bookings, reminders and invoices, and you can view payment, lesson notes, and the schedule there. 


Pay the invoice sent:

Through Ayotree, I will send you an invoice to be paid in WeChat Pay using Stripe, a US payment processor.  I absorb all fees. YOU WILL HAVE TO LOGIN TO YOUR AYOTREE ACCOUNT TO PAY THE INVOICE. If you are a US based client, I will discuss other options with you. Lessons are billed in advance monthly for US students.


Booking cannot occur until the invoice is paid.


Please remember to open up the invoice and scan NOT LONG PRESS the QR code in WeChat Pay if you use WeXin. 请您在电脑或平板上打开邮箱,然后点击我发送给您的邮件里面的链接,生成二维码之后,选择微信支付,然后用您的手机的微 信来扫描这个在电脑或平板上的二维码。只有在您手机外的其他设备上识别,才能完成付款流程。

Alipay is not available at this time. 


Lesson prices and packages are detailed below. 


ALL LESSONS MUST BE CANCELLED WITH 24 HOUR NOTICE to receive makeup credit.  Payment must be made in advance to keep lesson scheduled and held.


Login to Ayotree to schedule:

Ayotree will send you a login where you can pay the invoice and begin scheduling. You can schedule as many lessons as you can book per your package.  Ayotree will keep track of the lessons you use and send you a reminder when you are running low.


Scheduling by default cannot be done earlier than 18 hours before your lesson. 


All details, notes and resources can be viewed there. Please login to to read class feedback, notes, homework, progress notes, and resources I hand out.


Add me on ClassIn:

Please add me on ClassIn in order to get into our classroom. If you have never used ClassIn, here is a tutorial.  

Ayotree Login:

Class In Code

Book an English or  Tutoring

Single Lesson


Billed in ¥ at the current exchange rate as well

10 Lesson Pack


This package includes flexible appointments made first come first serve. All packages come with additional resources for practice as homework.

30 Pack


This price includes one guaranteed appointment time per week. The others are flexible first come first served.

45 and 60 pack

$956 and $1200

These packages guarantee two appointment times per week.  The others are flexible made first come first served.

Keyboard and Mouse

Always Better English...

As an ESL literacy specialist, I will work with students individually to write lesson plans and goals that match your needs. Please inquire if you have a particular request for certain curriculum.

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